Grants for Veterans in Chicago 2023

Chicago city the third largest city in the in the U.S. state of Illinois, with having a population is around three million people. There are over 213,000 veterans how are calling Chicago city as there home. As the prices of living things in the Chicago rising continuously which result the financially difficulties for many households. There are a lot of veterans in the city who are waiting for the support for paying their bills, obtain food, pay for rent, and more. To get rid from this situation there is a good news for the households in Chicago that there are many grants available that help the veterans in their tough time.

All grant available are the federally funded and administered by the states or non profit organization or community agencies. The grant received by the qualified person will be treated as the gift, which means grant holder will not responsible to return it back at any time. These grant will be provided in monthly cash form and can be use to meet the variety of expenses. There are different types of grants available, some of which are short term designed for the assistance to jobless people to learn skills and training program that will help them to get the job with impressive amount. There are other short term program as will that will help to meet the daily or monthly expenses.

Types of Grants for Veterans in Chicago

There are a lot of veterans in the Chicago who are unable to meet the necessary expenses. There are various grants available to support them in there tough time and some most important will be discussed as under:

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

This program provides  nutrition benefits support to the veterans so that they can get healthy foods for the family. If you need an assistance to get the necessary food items, than SNAP grant program is for you. This program has some qualifying requirements, once a veterans fulfill them, they can get the monthly cash grant. This cash amount will be received in an electronic cards like Debit card, that can used at any grocery store or farmer’s market for payment.

How much amount can be received by the households, it depends upon the number of dependents you have in your household and the income level. To apply for the program you can visit the nearest Family Resource Center, or apply online. To apply, click here.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

In Chicago there are many veterans who need cash support to meet the emergency events or expenses may qualify for the TANF grant. Under this program needy veterans can get a monthly cash grant to meet the expenses. The amount received under the TANF program can be used for different expenses including rent, transportation, food, laundry, and more.

Once you qualify for the program, you can get the grant in your Ecard same like Debit card. But before qualifying the program there some requirements that you have to fulfill.

  • An applicant must have at least one dependent minor child
  • resident of the state, are a citizen or legal immigrant

To apply for TANF there are different ways:

  • Visit by person at the Family Resource Center
  • Sent them printed mail
  • apply online.

To apply, click here.

Chicago Homeless Prevention program

Being a citizen of Chicago if you need an assistance in paying your rent, help to avoid foreclosure or necessary home repairing then this program is for you. Under Homeless Prevention program the qualifying veterans can get assistance to decrease in the cost of living. This program assist in paying rent, pay the mortgage, or help in finding affordable house. To apply for the program and help, you have to contact your local Homeless Prevention Provider who will analyse your financial position and guide you accordingly. To apply, click here.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

To provides the assistance paying of energy bills there are LIHEAP grant program available for the Chicago veterans or households. Once you become qualified you will eligible to get help in paying your monthly utility bills, by providing a once-a-year. If your connection is turned off due to unable to pay the bills, this program will also help you in reconnection.

To qualify for the program, you must have low income proof and must be the permanent citizen of the Chicago. To apply, click here.

Utility Bill Payment Plan

There are a lot of Chicago’s veterans and households struggling for the payment fo their utility bills. If you are one of them then this gran is for you. Through Utility Bill Payment Plan grant program you can get assistance and relief pay for their utility bills each month. Like other grant this program also has some requirements like an applicant must have to meet the low income and permanent resident or legal immigrant. You can apply online. OR, click here.

Final Remarks

There are various grant program available for the Chicago’s veterans who are facing tough times. These grant program will help them in decreasing the cost of living in the Chicago and meet the expenses that are not cover by the current income. The purpose of these grant program mentioned above is to make the household self-sufficient and live with honor in the United States.


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