List of Grants for Veterans in Alaska 2023

Veterans who are residents of the Alaska states can apply for different types of veteran grants and benefits provided by the federal government. As per the VA reports there are around 69000 veterans citizen who lives in the Alaska. Most in them are facing hurdles in meeting their routine expenses, like cant afford to pay utility bills.

As you know US veterans are the honorable and most senior citizens of the country who served their precious time in the military armed forces. It is the duty of the states to provide them respectable life. Therefore Alaska states offered many Grants for veterans in Alaska. Such grants are helpful to meet daily and monthly expenses and able them to pay utility bills and fulfill their needs for shorter periods of time.

The grants provided by the Alaska states to the veterans help the veterans in many ways, able them to pay their monthly bills and get food items. these types of grants are offered for veterans with low income and having permanent residency in Alaska or legal immigrants.

The grants program offered to the veterans may be for a shorter period or longer period of time of assistance. The thing here must be remembered that the grant for veterans not considered the loan but a gift from the states which do not need to pay back at any time. Plus, There is no limit that how many programs you can apply for. it is recommended to apply to more the one program.

Different Types of grants for veterans in Alaska

Alaska States residents may be eligible to apply for various types of veteran grants and benefits that are described as under:

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

there are number of Veterans in Alaska either homeless or not able to pay the monthly house rent. To help such veterans and their families Alaska states offered Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program which is federally funded. the purpose of this program is to make people of Alaska able to pay their rent, or help to find the affordable house or renovate home.

How to Qualify?

in order to qualify for HUD veterans must have low income and must be Alaska citizen. for submitting application contact your nearest HUD office.

Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP)

Under this type of veterans grant veterans of Alaska receive cash grant to meet their routine expenses. if veterans have a low income and have a minor dependent he may be eligible for an ATAP grant. By this program Alaska states provide cash assistance and try to make the veterans self-sufficient.

there is lifetime limit of 60 month for which you can receive cash grant. The cash received by the veterans can be used for paying different routing expenses like transportation, clothing, bills, and prescriptions. How much cash granted to the veterans is depent upon the evaluation upon the different factors like income, expenses, and family size. You can apply for the ATAP online or can visit your nearest social services office.

Heating Assistance Program (HAP)

This program initiated to promote the general welfare and safeguard the health and well-being of Alaska’s veterans and their dependent by decreasing the home heating cost. By this program states try to make the citizen self sufficient to pay their heating bills. This grant is for those who cant pay their monthly heating bills and can apply for the HAP grant.

Every year on October 1 you can submit an application to apply for the grant. once you approved you will be able to receive the grant on November 1. the minimum requirement to apply for the grant is low income.

To apply for the grant you must apply online or sent printed application mail to the service office. Applications are available at Public Assistance offices throughout the state and online at beginning on October 1.

Alaska Food Stamp Program

The Alaska Food stamp program is designed by keeping the need in mind that there are a lot of veterans in the Alaska who need support to buy basic food for themselves and families.

Veterans with low income may qualify for the this grant and can receive the grant. Once you become eligible you will a lot an Alaska Quest card like electronic debit card. Every month the you will receive grant in cash shape and you can use this card at groceries stores.

There is no age limit to become eligible for this grant. There are certain conditions or requirements that make you eligible for the program. the veterans must be permanent citizen, meet low-income requirements, and provide a social security number. To apply for the grant you must apply online or send printed application mail to the service office or visit the office.

Adult Public Assistance (APA)

Alaska’s Adult Public Assistance (APA) is specially designed for the purpose to provide cash assistance to veterans who are blind and disabled in order to make them self-sufficient. if you are a veteran with low income, blind or disabled, or over 65 may be eligible for the Adult Public Assistance grant.

There is a condition that person who is not blind or disabled must be at least 65 years old to become eligible for the program. on the other side a person who is blind or disabled must be at least 18 years old.

Veteran Grants for Disabled in Alaska

As per the VA reports there are around 57,900 veterans resident of Alaska who are “war time” veterans, also known as combat veterans. it means such veterans have been involved in one of the following wars:

  • More than 27,500 of 57,900 soldiers entered and survived the Gulf War
  • More than 26,800 of 57,900 soldiers entered and survived the Vietnam Era
  • More than 3,900 of 57,900 soldiers entered and survived the Korean Conflict
  • More than 2,600 of 57,900 soldiers entered and survived the World War II

If you are a veterans of above mention War and suffered permanent injuries in past or active war than you can receive veterans grant for disabled funded by the Alaska states.  You can apply online or can submit printed mail to the service nearest to you.

Veteran Health Care Benefits

There are approximately 77,000 veterans who are citizens of the state of Alaska out of which 68,500 male veterans and 8,500 are female veterans. All of them are able to get the veteran health care grants as long as they are eligible fo the veterans grant as per VA requirements.

To apply for veteran grants in Alaska, contact Alaska financial aid agencies visit nearest service office.

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